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Zimmr’s Application Performance Monitoring platform allows enterprises to quickly and simply manage and monitor their data science applications (e.g. machine learning algorithms, predictive models). Zimmr recognizes that enterprises are investing significant resources to  build data science applications that harness the power of big data. These applications require significant management and monitoring once built in order for companies to earn a return on this investment. Zimmr’s platform makes this real-time monitoring easy.


Our Team

Ryan Echternacht, CEO
Ryan is a recovering software developer, currently working in Venture Capital. Ryan has consulted at many large organizations (e.g. Great American, 5/3) and seen first hand the struggles most organizations experience with Data Science. Ryan has worked as a developer at 2 other startups and has significant knowledge of the startup and midwest venture capital industry through his work at CincyTech.


Jeff Gordon, CTO

Jeff has been a Solutions Architect at Illumination Works, a consulting firm that focuses on Data Science Applications. Over the past 10 years, Jeff has been building software and infrastructure at well known companies, including Kroger, Epsilon, and Abercrombie and Fitch. For the past 5 years, Jeff has been working on delivering cutting edge web solutions using the newest versions of Angular.


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